Scarlino is an astounding and renown town dominating the Gulf of Follonica and sitting on the extensions of Mount Alma. This municipality borders Follonica to the north-west, Massa Marittima to the north, Gavorrano to the east, Castiglione della Pescaia to the south and it is washed by the Tyrrhenean Sea to the west.

A land now known for its naturals wonders and especially for its beaches, Scarlino is also a hamlet loaded with history, as it is around here that many important archaeological findings were discovered, even dating back to the Hellenistic period. As most of the local urban centres, Scarlino owes it current looks to the Middle Age, which strongly influenced its architecture and the traditions which have survived to this day.

The economic and touristic core of this town of Maremma is the famous touristic port of Puntone, the Marina, equipped for sailboats and yachts.


The oldest part of Scarlino is represented by Rocca Pisana, a fortress erected in the 14th century, positioned on the town’s highest point. From piazza del Belvedere there is a wonderful view over the Colline Metallifere and the gulf to be enjoyed. In the heart of town the local documentation centre presents an exhibition that spans the approximately 200 years of local history, including the rare coin collection known as “the Scarlino Treasure”. Not far from here there is the Convent of San Donato, an old church where a vast art collection reminisces six centuries of history. At Puntone, all the artefacts retrieved by scuba divers at the bottom of the gulf of Follonica are on display in the museum of Portus Scabris. It is believed they fell off the many ships that between the 4th century BC and the 7th century AD would sail across this gulf directed to the port of Scarlino.

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