Wood, sun and salt

Our conscious choice

Staying in Poggio la Croce’s holiday apartments in Maremma means rediscovering the authentic pleasure of living in harmony with nature.

We have always tried to live in harmony with the environment, and in this place we found the optimal conditions to develop this completely ecological village, to share a sustainable living experience with friends and guests.

This is a place where the presence of nature is felt very strongly, nestled in the woods of the Bandite di Scarlino park and a stone’s throw from Cala Violina and the sea in the areas of Follonica and Punta Ala.

An ambiance that feels like home

The Borgo di Poggio la Croce was born naturally. The structure and windows of the houses are made of wood and the finishes are painted with citrus-based paints. All of the energy needed for heat and light comes from the sun. The lawns, gardens and plants are cared for using organic techniques and irrigated with water from our well.

We also do not use chemicals to keep the pool clean. We use table salt. So when you swim after an MBT ride or a restorative walk in the woods, you will never smell chlorine… just traces of the sea.

Our commitment to the environment

We have always believed in environmental sustainability

The villas

The villas are entirely made of wood, with load-bearing walls and slabs built with the X-LAM system, and roofs composed of wooden beams and rafters surmounted by planking. A thermal insulation bundle of wooden fibres was applied to the perimetral external walls. This choice, together with that of using high quality wooden fixtures, led to outstanding performances of energy efficiency.

The sun

The sun provides the energy necessary to the functioning of the whole hamlet. A 20 KW photovoltaic system turns sunrays into electrical energy, which is used for the energy plants of both the villas and the swimming pool. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems are composed of a heat pump which is paired with solar panels, so that solar energy is used to create hot water which is then collected in a tank to later be distributed to fan coil units and water taps.

The pool

The big infinity edge pool, which resembles a terrace overlooking the valley in the direction of the town of Massa Marittima, uses kitchen salt instead of chemical products for water purification purposes. Give yourself a break in this peaceful corner of the world, and appease your senses with an unforgettable view, the scent of flowers, and the chirping of birds.


We also gave much attention to the quality of finishing materials such as wall paints, which have no chemical solvents, being citrus fruit-based instead, so that all rooms are emission free. On top of that, all roofs are covered with earthenware shingles, which were recovered from an old construction.

Balance. Rediscovered

Sometimes our guests at Poggio la Croce already know that indescribable feeling of harmony that binds us to nature. And they come here to immerse themselves in the network of more than 300 km of trails that branch into the Bandite di Scarlino Reserve, to enjoy a hike in Maremma or dive into an experience of forest bathing. Us kindred spirits search each other out!

Conversely, other guests remain incredulous and speechless. And for the first time they feel that deep energy that nature emanates when it envelops you, making you part of a greater whole. As it was for us so many years ago. And how it continues to be so today, still making us feel like grateful Guests in Nature’s home.

We await your stay at the ecological village of Poggio la Croce, to welcome you to these spaces that will remain imprinted in your eyes and soul.