Il Poggio

Poggio la Croce welcomes you to this haven of tranquillity
in the unspoilt nature of Maremma.

The ideal spot, to regenerate the body and soul

“We were born to observe the sky”, Pythagoras said. And when staying at Poggio la Croce we can also add: to breathe in the lush greenery, to listen to the silence, and to meet the sun.

You will only need to travel a handful of kilometres of white roads, which date back to the Middle Ages, in the middle of the Tuscan Maremma, to get in tune with nature and its pristine forests,where the silence is broken only by the chirping of birds and the sound of dry leaves trampled by wild boar and deer.

the pool

A plunge into a unique landscape

The large infinity pool has a vast equipped solarium and is surrounded by the woods of Bandite di Scarlino, with a wonderful panoramic view over the valley towards the Metalliferous Hills (Colline Metallifere) and Massa Marittima. Give yourself a break in this peaceful corner of the world, and appease your senses with an unforgettable view, the scent of flowers, and the chirping of birds.

Being able to admire the unforgettable scenery from this perspective is among the many experiences you’ll enjoy while staying at Poggio la Croce.

One village, one history

In this place where time seems suspended and the days pass with the rhythm of the seasons, we restored a century-old farmhouse, the original nucleus of the Borgo. We laid out the vegetable garden and dug the well for irrigation. Then we built the villas. Our green soul and the skills we inherited from our previous lives have enabled us to use green building techniques, focusing only on natural and environmentally friendly materials such as wood, stone and terracotta.

Three villas for unique experiences

You are in one of the areas with the least light pollution in all of Italy. On nights without a full moon, the sky is laden with millions of lights. It is a spectacle that cannot be described. It just has to be experienced.

Il Cerro, La Fonte and La Sughera are the three eco-villas of Poggio La Croce, with breathtaking views toward the valley. Il Glicine is the guest house of the main house.

The apartments, ideal for long stays or long weekends, have all the amenities you need to enjoy a pampered and well-planned holiday.

And when you open the front door, you will feel as though you have always lived here.

We imagined, designed and built the houses in different shapes and sizes, blending in with their surroundings, ready to welcome friends and guests who would like to share with us that same sense of wonder and respect that we feel when we are immersed in Nature.

The forest, Margherita and Sergio

We are Margaret and Sergio. We will be here to welcome you to these beautiful natural surroundings. Our life journey took us to Naples and Rome, but we would steal time away from work to come and take refuge on our old farm in the woods.

Until we realized that we had to come up with “an excuse” to spend more time here. We built homes we could rent out to those who, like you, are willing to share this pure, clean, authentic experience with us. This is how our second life began. Or rather, our real life.