Grosseto is the capital of the namesake province and the main centre of Maremma, a large and densely populated town which has gradually gained a prominent role in the Tuscan touristic scene thanks to its many historical and cultural attractions. Grosseto has in fact plenty of places that deserve to be seen, such as the defensive walls built by the Medici family and the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Every single one of them tells its own piece of local history and serves as evidence for the local culture. Not far from here there is the Etruscan-Roman site of Roselle, where the rests of a village and of a necropolis emerged from among the ruins.


Built in the mid 1500s, the city walls enclose the historical centre and can still be walked upon. The cathedral dedicated to San Lorenzo is in piazza Duomo, where the statue of Leopold II of Lorraine also stands. From here the town’s promenade begins, Corso Carducci.

The Archeaological Museum of Maremma, established in 1860, stores the main artefacts retrieved in the whole province.

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