Follonica's beaches

Follonica's Beaches

The bay named after the town of Follonica features a sandy coast and a gradually sloping seabed . From here on a clear day the view stretches as far as the island of Elba, Montecristo and sometimes even as far as Corsica.
Boschetto, Pratoranieri and Lido are some of the beaches that lie closer to Follonica’s urban centre. Lido can be easily reached on foot, whereas a bike is recommended to reach the other two shores. In this area the coast offers plenty of options for what concerns private equipped beaches, although there are wide stretches of beach that are suitable for those who prefer a “wilder” freewheeling beach experience.
Beyond the town of Follonica is the <strong>Parco Costiero della Sterpaia</strong>, a long seashore both with free beaches and well-equipped beaches, parking areas (toll-pay) and refreshment stalls.
There are several access points : Torre Mozza, Carbonifera, Mortelliccio and Perelli.
Facing you is the Island of Elba and at your back, the pine-forest in case you need a little shade.
Torre Mozza owes its name to an old watch tower dating from the 1500s. This beach is also famous for its partially submerged cliff, which according to a few legends could be an ancient portion of via Aurelia.
Carbonifera used to serve as a trading hub, where the coal extracted in the nearby mines used to be loaded and shipped. This beach can be accessed effortlessly, as parking is available a mere 100m away from the shore.
On the eastern side of the gulf is La Polveriera, which is located 3km away from downtown Follonica. Around here the coast is characterised by shallow waters, and during low tide some patches of sand remain uncovered, thus even becoming accessible on foot.
12km from Follonica is also the beach of Casetta Civinini. In order to reach it one should follow via delle Collacchie (SP153) and turn towards Punta Ala once at Pian d’Alma, after 4 km there is a parking area. Casetta Civinini is a 6km-long stretch of public unspoilt coast.